Sunday, October 11, 2009

Alright my adventures in trying to dual boot Windows and Linux have come to an end. At least for now. Seems like something would get screwed up every time so I finally just gave up and plugged my old hard drive back in. See I had it unplugged the whole time so as to not screw it up and thankfully I had. So now I have a big hard drive and in the course of three days have had to reinstall windows on it three times.

The oddest thing is how after messing up one install of Linux none of my bootable DVDs or CDs seemed to want to boot properly. I'll have to look into what exactly it was that I screwed up eventually. But for now I'm just going to get Windows installed on the new drive and copy over all my files so I can format this hard drive.

Maybe after I have everything set up on the new drive, and properly backed up just in case, I'll try to install Linux again. Only this time I'm planning on putting it on a different physical drive instead of just a different partition. I can't help but wonder how much simpler everything would be if all the various operating systems would compromise and use the same boot loader so everything was compatible across the board. But that will never happen because there is no profit in that, or at least not as much profit.

Anyway it's way to late so I'm going to bed. Just wanted to fill everybody in on how my computer issues were coming along.

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