Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Story Challenge part 2

OK, so here is part two of the story. There is atleast one more part to come to finish this story. A quick recap for those people to lazy to go back and read part one: There were a people that lived peacefully who were ran out of their home by jealous giants. They fled to the forest and their met a mighty bear god who gifted them with part of his mighty roar to help the people try to scare off the giants. So that was part one and this is now part two. Enjoy.

Now Xanchentes went out to face the giants and let loose his mighty roar. When the giants heard the mighty roar they were afraid. But when they saw it was just Xanchentes they laughed and started hurling big rocks at him. Xanchentes danced around the hurled rocks and fled back to the forest and that is why to this day there are many big rocks scattered through the fields around our village.

Xanchentes then told this to the bear, "I let loose a mighty roar and the giants did fear, but when they saw that I was so small compared to them they laughed and threw rocks at me. How great god of the forest do we scare off the giants when they are so much bigger than us?"

The great bear then said this, "You must go talk to Brother Wolf for he knows how to take down larger prey. Ask him to teach you his secrets so then you could fight off the giants."

So our people went into the forest and found Brother Wolf. Now Xanchentes told this to Brother Wolf, "Oh great and noble Brother Wolf, giants have driven us from our home and we are a peacefully people and we don't know how to defend ourselves. Brother Bear gifted us with part of his mighty roar to scare the giants but they laughed at us and hurled big stones at us. Brother Bear told us you have secrets of taking down larger prey, Oh great and noble god of this forest, will you teach us your secrets so that we may drive off the giants and go back to our home."

And here is what Brother Wolf said, "I am but the pack leader of many wolves. Our secrets are many but here are a few. We stalk our prey quietly and get in close unnoticed. We attack from many directions at once, confusing the prey and causing panic. We do not attack the strong but instead the weak, the young or the elderly or the sick. We bite their legs with our sharp fangs so they can not run away from us for long and chase them until they collapse. In this we reduce the numbers of our prey and terrorize them."

Xanchentes then said this to the wolf, "Thank you great and noble wolf for teaching us your secrets. Surely now we can drive off the giants and return to our homes." So our people made spears to be their fangs and plotted the attack on the giants from many sides.

Now Xanchentes went out to face the giants again and let loose his mighty roar. When the giants heard the mighty roar they remembered what fun it was to hurl rocks at him and went out to do so again. And as Xanchentes danced around in the field all the strongest giants hurled their many rocks at him. Only this time Xanchentes did not flee but kept dodging the many rocks. And while the strongest of the giants were hurling their many rocks, many young and elderly giants had come out to watch the new sport.

Now our people leaped out and started their attack from many directions on the young and elderly giants, using their spears as sharp fangs to bite into their prey and spreading confusion and panic among the giants. And as the wounded giants tried to run away from our people, they continued to stab their spears into any giants they could find. And many of the young and elderly giants were thus wounded and did eventually collapse from the chase and were slain.

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