Friday, September 25, 2009

Story Challenge part 1

The story is being written but it's becoming longer than I had first thought it would be. So I will post it in parts as I write it. This the first part. I hope you enjoy.


Can you guess what this is? I bet you would like to know. Mysteries tend to intrigue the populace, but they give up too easily. If only you had seen what I know to be true. For me, I
had a choice, and I was an idiot; I could have been a part of the ignorant masses. That was too simple for me. This is my story....

It is said the in the times long ago that gods and giants walked the lands. And in those days our people were happy and plentiful. On the hill overlooking the river to the east of this very
village was a great old tree of many fruits. All our ancestors had but to ask of it and it
would lower its branches and they could pick from its ever ripe fruit as they pleased.

And one day the giants grew jealous, for they had grown so tall to reach up into the trees of their homeland to get at the pleasant fruits, for their trees did not heed to their calls and
lower their branches to them. So the giants brought war onto our people to take the tree. And in those days our people had lived peacefully with everyone under the sky and knew not how to defend themselves against this attack and were driven from the land.

Into the forest they fled, but the trees of the forest did not yield their fruit as easily as did the great old tree of our home. Then one day the great bear god of the forest came to our
ancestors and said to them, "I have heard your laments for your lost home and see that my
forest does now welcome you as one of its own. Why do you not take back your home where you were so happy and your great old tree god took care of you?"

Now Xanchentes, our greatest leader of all time, stepped forward and told the bear, "Oh great and powerful god of this forest, we driven from our home by the giants, who brought war upon us for they were jealous, and we are a peaceful people and know not the ways of war."

The great bear then said this, "I, too, am peaceful and do not like the ways of war, but when someone brings war into my home I stand tall and let out my mighty roar to scare them off so that I do not have to fight. If that does not scare them I swipe at them with my powerful claws and rip them open for being so foolish to not be scared of me."

Now Xanchentes told this to the bear, "Indeed you are big and strong and scare off many, but the giants are bigger than us and stronger than us and scare us. How then should we fight them?"

The great bear then said this, "It is true that you are not so big and you do not look so strong, but I shall give you part of my mighty roar so that you can scare them off and then you should not have to fight them."

So Xanchentes accepted the gift from the great bear god and told the bear that our people would honor it for all time. The great bear then set its likeness in the sky so that we would always look up and be reminded of the great gift that it gave to us when we had no home and were wanderers in its forest.

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