Thursday, September 24, 2009

An old story retold

There are many stories and theories about what happened in a city on the fringe of the Roman empire some two thousand years ago to the leader of a group of radical religious Jews, but there is little to no real historical proof of any of these stories or theories. So I've decided to write my own story based on no historical proof and just a mixing of the various stories and theories I've heard over the years.

Yeshua was born into a Jewish household, of a teenage girl, whom others later claimed was a virgin, and who was married to older man who worked whatever random jobs he could in the area around the town of Nazareth, be that harvesting fields or constructing walls or herding sheep. Now this man was widower and already had sons and daughters from earlier wife, so Yeshua had older siblings, and undoubtedly as he grew up gained younger siblings as what husband would not lay with his wife no matter later claims to her eternal virginity.

Now Yeshua grew up as any poor Jewish boy would in that time, but I have no idea what that really means not being Jewish or living 2000 years ago. When he grew into manhood he undoubtedly work many random jobs as did his father and brothers. He found a wife and tried to raise a family. Something happened.

Now Yeshua is around 30 years old and goes to see this crazy guy in the wilderness that is preaching and baptizing people. He likes what he hears, gets himself baptized and goes out to start preaching his ideas to others. People like what he has to say and start to follow him as he goes from town to town to spread his ideas. He spoke messages that gave people hope that things would get better in their lives and did things that people thought miraculous. In those days there were many such wandering preachers with their followers, all with their own ideas and own interpretations of the scriptures, and some more violent than others.

What ever it is that Yeshua preached, he ended up going to the temple of Jerusalem and causing trouble for the priests there and he did so during Passover when the Romans were always more wary of trouble in the city that may start an uprising and riots. So Yeshua was arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and crucified.

Undoubtedly I will be coming back to this story and filling in more details over the next few weeks, but I just wanted to lay down a general outline of the story for now.

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