Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nihil timeo

I have always liked the phrase "I fear nothing." I see two ways to interpret this phrase. Firstly you can take it has most people mean for it to say, "There is nothing that I am afraid of." That's boring and nothing but false bravado and/or stupidity on their part I feel. The other way in which you can take it to mean is, "I am afraid of the concept of nothing."

This second way is vastly more interesting to me. I mean the concept of nothing is pretty interesting to me. Just think about it. What is nothing? Try to imagine a box with nothing in it. No air, no light, no heat, no thoughts, no feelings, no emotion, not even the idea that there is an existence outside of the box, or the idea that there is even a box. The complete lack of anything and everything. Now I can see why some people might be afraid of that, but personally the idea intrigues me.

Something else that could not exist in that box of nothing is time or spatial dimensions. The idea of nothing existing, without time or matter or energy or consciousness or scale, it's almost to much for me to comprehend. It's from this point of nothing that almost all creation myths start, from ancient Egypt to modern science and its big bang. So does that mean even in this box of nothing there is potential for something? Can potential exist within nothing?

This just reminds me I wanted to do a post about Pandora's box. Maybe that will be next time.

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