Saturday, August 22, 2009

Transdimensional self

What if there are more dimensions than the three we see, and I don't mean time? Are brains can't comprehend them really and its hard to visualize what it might be like, but what if there was a fourth dimension or a fifth or even a hundredth? Would we exist in all these dimensions as a one dimensional dot exists in our three dimensional world? What might we look like and what might we think that our three dimensional brain doesn't have access to?

I have for a long time held to a believe that everybody has a sort of guardian angel that watches over us. I say sort of guardian angel becomes I don't mean to invoke any of the religious connotations from the use of the word angel, just the idea of a sentient being that is some how personally attached to each of us and passes us little messages of advice and warnings of danger or whatever.

Anyway recently I've started to wonder if our guardian angels might actually be ourselves but in a form beyond that of our three dimensional bodies. What if we exist in the higher dimensions in such a way that our conscious three dimensional minds are unaware of? If so would it not behoove our higher dimensional selves to look out for our lower dimensional selves? Pass on what ever knowledge it can gain from its higher vantage point down to us at this level.

This all sounds crazy I know. It makes no sense, not even to me. It was just an idea I had that I haven't figure out how to wrap my head around yet. Or if its even worth bothering to. Maybe I should just scrap it here and move on to thinking about other things. Anyway there it is. If it makes sense to you in anyway or sparks something within you please leave a comment and let me know.


  1. I have read that some theories state their could have been as many as 10 or 11 dimensions besides our three space dimensions and 4th, which is time. Makes you wonder.

  2. My understanding is that string theory says there is 10 or 11 dimensions but they are these weird tiny twisted dimensions that float around us all the time or something strange like that.

    My other understanding is most scientist follow Einsteins theory of spacetime where time isn't the 4th dimension but that time is somehow all folded up in the 3 dimensions as part of them. I could be wrong on that understanding but I hate spacetime anyway and throw that idea out just because I don't like it. Besides which I meant all spatial dimensions, and time is usually not refered to as a spatial dimension. If it were a spatial dimension we should be able to walk off into a different direction in time instead of always forward.

    I know mathematics has a theorical 4th spatial dimension and something called a tesseract, or hypercube, which is a 3 dimensional cube where out of each corner is another line going to another corner, so instead of having 8 corners in 3d space, the hypercube has 16 corners in 4d space. Its weird to look and try to figure out whats going on because our minds don't comprehend anything above 3d space very well. When you see it drawn you just think its a 3d cube drawn inside a larger 3d cube, which is not whats its suppose to represent. Thats just how it looks when drawn on 2d paper.

  3. Yeah, I do believe it was in string theory that these 10 or 11 dimensions existed. But I thought that they were destroyed in the Big Bang.

    I had never heard of the tesseract. Cool stuff.

  4. I don't think string theory says they were destroyed in the big bang, but string theory gets confusing to me most of the time when I look at it. It might be a good theory and all but it will never be as elegant as e=mc^2 and other such simple and easily understood theories.