Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To know the future

People for all of human history have probably made claims at being able to tell the future by different means. I've always liked tarot cards myself as they have a visual cue that I can look at. But be it reading runes or tea leaves or lines of the palm people have been predicting the future for a long time. But is it really possible?

Sure, I could go into a long talk about predestination versus free will here but that would be boring. Its all been said before, so if your interested go read what smarter people than me have said about it. Personally I have strove for some middle ground between fate and free will. Some events are just going to happen no matter the choices made leading up to them. To me having certain fated events in no way lessens my free will for the rest of the majority of events.

So then in my grey world of having both destiny and free will can the future be predicted? Well I haven't a clue. I like to think of it as more predicting possible outcomes based on likely choices. Or as a sign to help choose which way to go from a difficult decision. I often do a tarot card reading or, more recently, read the runes to see what I might gather from what ever makes those things work, be it some mystical force or just random chance. And quite often I am surprised at how closely related the cards or the runes that come up seem to apply to the situation at hand. Sure its possible its all just some random coincidence, or maybe me reading into what I want more than whats simply there. And there is a lot to be said about the general vagueness of such readings. Still often times they seem to apply in some small amount that helps me in some small way.

And then there are times I just trust myself to chance or fate. More often then not when faced with a decision about what to do in a situation that is not too serious I merely flip a coin and go with what it says. Well to be honest I usually do a best two out of three. No sense in trusting completely to random chance, when an outcome of two or three flips of the coin adds a hint more of probability to it. Or maybe that's all imagined and something I just tell myself to ease my conscious.

Mostly I just try to keep my eyes open for signs from my goddess. It's my believe that she watches out for me and tries to illuminate the best path through life for me, but it's up to me to see the signs she gives to know which way I should go. Of course if you are not careful you will start to see signs and symbols in everything and then it becomes near impossible to figure out what to do. Its a fine line between "something" and crazy. Not really sure how to define that something at the moment, but hopefully you understand what I'm getting at.

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