Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taking the lazy way out again

I can't think of anything new to blog about today so I'm stealing some of my philosophical stuff I wrote last year when I was trying to collect all my thoughts and believes into actual writings. So here you go, just a few of my thoughts on reality. Please feel free to comment.

What is reality? Is it what we sense with our senses? What we smell, taste, touch, hear and see? Then according to all current science then reality is just electrical pulses firing in the neurons of our brains. And not only that, but science tells us that our brains are only processing a small fraction of the information overload that our senses are feeding it every second of our lives. And if reality is just these electrical pulses then when we dream and our neurons are still firing away and our brain is interpreting our dreams are our dreams any less real of a reality than the world we perceive during our waking hours?

Does every being capable of perceiving the world around it create its own reality? Or is there just one true reality that we all share? What is the reality of a fish or a dog? What is the reality of a deaf or blind person? Can a deaf person dream sounds and not understand them or know how to perceive them? Or a blind dreaming sights and colors and not have the understanding of a person that sees to be able to interpret the dreams?

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