Sunday, August 23, 2009

The sun will come up tomorrow

Some scientist would tell you that the sun has risen everyday in the earth sky for some 4.5 billion years or some such since the earth was first formed. They go on to say that it will continue to rise every day for the next few thousands or millions of years until it burns out and dies or explodes or whatever theory they have for what next stage of life the sun will go into. I have apparently been alive some ten thousand days and the sun has risen every day that I can remember. But does that really mean it will be there when I wake up tomorrow? Just because something has always happened a certain way, does that mean it will continue to happen in that way?

Let's say you flip a coin five times and it comes up heads every time. Does that mean the sixth flip will also be heads? The tenth flip? The hundredth? Probability says its still just a 50/50 chance each flip no matter the pattern that has been set up in the past. And lets not forget the highly unlucky but still potentially possible outcome of the coin landing on its edge. I have never seen it happen and I doubt many of you have either, but that doesn't change the possibility that it might still do that at some point in the future.

I prefer to view the multiverse as full of possibility. That quite literally anything that might possibly be true is true somewhere in the multiverse, just not necessarily true in this universe. There might be some universe out there where dogs have purple fur and bat wings as just one crazy sounding idea. Or more simply there might be a universe where everyone is right handed and no one has ever thought of trying to do things with their left hand that they have always done with their right hand. Is that so crazy? Maybe but its still a possibility out there somewhere beyond our current understanding of the way things work.

So I say to you this, just because everyone that has lived before me has at some point died does that some how negate the possibility that I will be the first to live forever? Just because the pattern has been set for thousands of years does that mean I have to blindly follow it? There is always the possibility, no matter how small a probability it might be, that with in my lifetime something will happen to cause it to be that I will live forever.

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