Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sudden understanding?

I have never before managed to put the following ideas into such concise and coherent, at least I hope its coherent, words before. So while I had not planned to post these ideas for some time, if ever, having this sudden new understanding of them I feel its time to share them. I know it won't all make sense to people. But this is a starting point from which I can build a greater coherency, at least that's my hope. So here goes...

Body, animated by Spirit, observed by the Mind, and controlled by the Soul.

The body is physical matter. The Spirit is an infinite energy that creates all matter and gives live to all of the universe. The Mind is the consciousness that observes the world and strives to understand it all. The Soul is the moral center that controls our actions.

Do I have a soul? Do I have to earn it some how? If so how? Who judges my actions and awards me a soul?

There is only one spirit and only one mind that exists throughout all time and space, self-replicated infinitely to create all the universe. A single particle that makes up all the particles of an atom and all atoms of the universe simultaneously. "My" mind is only a part of the whole striving for understanding from this vantage point for this time frame. When it is over it moves on to another time and place and strives there.

What is it trying to understand? Is that how I earn a soul? Is there then only one soul?
The idea behind the soul is when you die it lives on for eternity on some higher plane of existence.

Does the one spirit/one mind earn multiple souls to thus populate the higher plane of existence with?

At the moment of the Big Bang all matter and energy that ever was, or ever will be, existed in a single point, the one spirit. Laws of thermodynamics state that energy is neither created or destroyed but conserved.

Is the one spirit infinite? Are we still in that moment of the Big Bang?

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