Sunday, August 2, 2009

So you think you're smart

So I just have one thing to say: Einstein was wrong! Don't believe me, look him up and you can easily find a whole list of his mistakes. So why does this matter? Well some people seem to have got it in their heads that he was somehow super-human and infallible and that all his theories are scientific facts and laws when in fact they aren't. Some of his theories I don't think can be proven or disproven with our current technology. So why does any of that matter? Well I'm just tired of everybody thinking that just because his theories say nothing moves faster than light and that the speed of light is constant that it is in fact true. Neither of these things have be proven to my knowledge and I read a short article just the other day about at least one scientist saying he had an experiment to show that the speed of light isn't constant. Just wish I could remember where I read it or if this article said any one else had managed to duplicate his results from said experiment.

My personal belief on the matter is that light is not the fastest, that its speed is not constant and while I'm at it, I hate this space-time crap and gravity somehow bending said stupid space-time. Do I have better theories? No, but I'm not a physicist so why should I? I'm just saying I'm tired of everyone not even stopping to question if maybe he was wrong and its about time people doubted him a little and actual put his theories to the test.

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