Sunday, August 2, 2009

Since it seems to be Time Sunday

So I don't watch much TV anymore preferring to listen to music and play games and the like. But today I decided to turn on my TV and see what was on the Science channel and History channel and similar channels, which tend to be my favorite channels as there is almost always something on them to learn from. And on the Science channel today I am bombarded by show after show about time. Shows about biological clocks inside our bodies and how our body does things better or worse as the time of day changes, and shows about what exactly time is and how do we know what time it is. So in honor to this theme of the day I decided to post some of my believes on time that I wrote down about a year ago for what was going to be a collection of my believes and theories of the world and everything, which seems to be what this blog is now accomplishing for me. So here you go.

People think that time is linear – flowing from the start of the universe some time long ago in the past and flowing to the eventual end of the universe some time in the distant future, or on a more personal level starting at the birth or first memories and flowing on until their eventual death.
I don’t believe this at all. I see time as a vast ocean. On the surface are many waves that could be thought of representing various “time lines,” a different wave for each possibility that exists in the universe. We are like surfers merely riding the waves along an otherwise apparently straight line.
But what if there were some way to hop from one wave to another? Would you be in a different time, A different world? Would you be a different person? Would there be a different version of you already existing in the timeline represented by that wave? And what of the fish and other creatures that may exist beneath the ways, completely surrounded by time in all directions and capable of moving in any direction on their way through time? Or the birds in the air above existing outside of time completely and capable of observing vast stretches of time and possibilities with a mere glance.
In this particular analogy, with a classically view of the spiritual world, the birds would be like gods while the I feel like the fish would be like souls or spirits, but that particular analogy goes against some of my other thoughts on the nature of reality and life however convenient it is for a quick understanding of this concept of time.

Most people can go about their entire lives without ever stopping to wonder what time really is. They think it merely exists and flows as they have always seen it do, one moment flowing into the next and then the next with no interruption. But what is time really made up of? How can you define the exact moment of time a moment takes up? I long ago thought about for humans all time is measured in days. It’s the easiest unit of time to observe. The sun rises to start the day and sets to end it making a single universal understanding of how long a day is for all humans on Earth. Then for their own convenience humans divided the day into hours and minutes and seconds and created clocks to be able to tell them what time of day or night it is in this artificial system of time they created since there is no way to exactly say a second or minute passed from just observing nature. Humans then also observed other trends for longer periods of time. The cycles of the moon gave birth to months and the cycle of the seasons gave birth to the year. And humans couldn't help but split these units up and clump them together either. Months got divided into weeks while years got clumped into further artificial creations of decades and centuries and so on. Much evidence seems to suggest that calendars were first invented to keep track of planting and harvesting times, and religious holidays which are themselves probably invented originally for appeasing the agricultural and nature gods for the purpose of getting a better harvest, or a better hunt for those cultures based on hunting more so than farming. Time has become an integral part of human life but I’m left wondering do animals notice the passage of time? Do they care about anything beyond night and day and migration or mating season when it comes to telling time?

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