Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm a genius!!

Okay, not really. I just wanted to talk about intelligence today and felt like that would be a good way to start it off.

Some quick and brief Internet research tells me none of the great minds of the ages have been able to really agree on a good definition for intelligence. That's okay with me because I really don't care how its defined. The greatest flaw with defining intelligence is that the people that try think they are intelligent.

People have for so long been told we are the end all, be all of existence on this planet. That there has never been anything as smart and adaptable as us on this planet, and some would say in the rest of the universe. Personally I think we are a bunch of idiots that deluded ourselves into thinking we are smart.

How intelligent is it for us to destroy the environment around us and make it unlivable? Or to start wars and kill each other over any number of fabricated issues? Humans think they are smarter than the animals and all the while forget that they are an animal too. And as far as I'm concerned one of the dumbest animals out there. I could say more but I don't feel like it for now. Maybe another day, or in reply to comments if someone wants to disagree with me.

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