Saturday, August 1, 2009

I know nothing, ...

and willing to teach you to know nothing to for only 3 easy payments of...

Just kidding folks. I am a firm believer that all knowledge, whether it be true or false, should be free. For how can we ever educate ourselves if we apply a price to that which has no inherit value or mass. Knowledge, if it does exist, has no physical shape or size. Much like our supposed souls, we can't point and say "There is where pure knowledge is." Sure we can point to a book that contains knowledge, but that knowledge is not pure. Its written down in a language and one most know that language to be able to access that knowledge. Pure knowledge to my mind exists only in thought, and what is thought? As best as I can define thought is a series of electrical impulses inside my brain that form a certain pattern and excite certain feelings and mannerisms in me. A thought is not a physical thing though. It exist in some other realm with our minds, which I distinguish from brains as brains are physical and minds are not, and our souls, if we do indeed have them, which will be a discussion for another day my friends, or as I prefer, our spirits. Wow that was a long confusing sentence, which I'm sure is full of grammatical errors, but I hated grammar in school.

Anyway back to the point. It is my belief, which I like to think of as knowledge without proof, that thoughts exist in the mind, which along with the spirit resides in another realm separate from the physical one we see, touch, taste, hear, and feel. So basically our senses perceive the world, rather falsely and incompletely I belief but that too is a discussion for another day, our brains interpret these sensations, and in some manner that smarter men and women than me must figure out if they so choose, those sensations get translated to the mind where we then think about what we sense. Have I lost you yet, because I think I managed to lose myself there for a moment.

So knowledge is an element of this other realm along with the spirit and mind, which puts it in the realm of that which we can not sense in any conventional way. So what does it take to "know" anything? How can I "think" that I actually "know" anything? Can I even trust Descartes's "Cogito ergo sum," or "I think, therefore I am" for you non Latin readers? Can I say with any certainty that I exist, or is that merely a comforting belief that I have to not drive myself insane?

OK, I think I have confused you and myself enough for one night.

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