Thursday, August 20, 2009


So I feel that the public school system in America is pretty much a bad joke. Especially the after No Child Left Behind. Since that law came into being more and more schools are just teaching to the test for fear of losing funding. And tell me what sense does it really make to cut funding to a school that is not performing up to standards? Is less money to pay the teachers going to make them teach harder? Is less money to buy new text books or perform general maintenance on the facilities going to some how miraculously improve the ability of the students to learn?

Why is the federal government involved with local schools at all? Shouldn't funding for local schools be the responsibility of that community? Shouldn't the standard that schools are held up to be the state or local communities job to set?

Personally I think that my education wasn't bad, but it could have been way better. Now some of that has to do with my own lack of interest in doing the work in my youth to really learn. But a lot of it also had to do with the school's tendency to hire coaches who also happened to teach instead of teachers that happened to coach. I remember one teacher that was only in the school for one year. He was worthless as a teacher and worthless as a coach too I guess, but I didn't pay attention to girls basketball so I don't know for sure. Anyway after he left the rumor was he was fired, not for being a bad teacher, but because the as a coach the girls basketball team didn't perform up to par. What kind of example does that show the kids he's teaching or coaching?

Now another problem I have is do I want to send my kids, assuming I ever have any, to a private school, where I am more confident in the level of teaching, or to a public school, where it will undoubtedly be cheaper and they will better learn the more social aspect that is the unwritten education you receive at a public school. There is the option of home schooling where I could teach them or hire a tutor to teach to my standards but then they will definitely lose out on social education.

One of my biggest problems with public schools is the way they teach American history. They teach an almost hero worship of the founding fathers like they never did any wrong and were some how super human. They gloss over most of the negative aspects of our history to try to paint a picture of us always being right and #1 and the rest of the world always being wrong and inferior to us. I blame the Cold War and the mentality of the 1950's. Maybe it wasn't really the '50s but it seems like a good decade to blame. I"m not completely sure what I mean by the phrase mentality of the 1950's but I'm sure some people will understand what I mean and the rest will just think I'm being crazy as always.

Anyway I have rambled enough about nothing for tonight. Please leave a comment on your own feelings if you want and maybe when I'm being more coherent I can explain farther what I mean by something or expand on some of my comments here.

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