Monday, August 3, 2009

Currently working on

So I'm currently working on a short story about a vampire, except I don't know yet if its a horror, romance, or detective story. I have three different ideas where to go with the next part of the story, each one of the aforementioned genres, but I don't yet know which I want to go with and which will take the story in a direction that I can finish. To be truthful I guess I should say its a short story with a vampire. It could be about the vampire, his victim or the hunter after him depending on which of the ideas I go with. My current idea, once I can convince myself to take the time to write again, is to write three parts, one for each idea, and see which seems to work the best or spark the most creativity in me. Any ideas on which way I should go is much appreciated.

And my other project is a werewolf novel, but I want to go somewhere new with werewolves. I've been going over werewolf lore online and reading some of the novels I have featuring werewolves trying to solidify in my mind what werewolves are and some of the storylines that have already been covered. I have been trying to pin down what traits I want my werewolves to have and cover how one becomes a werewolf in my story world. And then there is the issue of do I want to place the story in this world and have to cover how they wolves have stayed in hiding all this time, or place it in some fantasy world, and with this decision comes the one covering what other fantasical creatures to populate the world with. I mean if werewolves are real in my story why wouldn't vampires and demons and faeries and all the rest be real too? So decisions to be made and I have to even get to dreaming up a plot for this story yet. Being a writer is so much work, especially when I'm lazy and easily distracted as I am. Any ideas are welcome.

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