Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Now I'm a loner by nature. I like to be by myself for long stretches of time, and go weeks without talking to people outside of work and a short list of friends. I could easily pack up my stuff and move to a new location without really missing most of the people I'd leave behind.

But all that being said I wish I felt like I belonged to a community. I think that is one of the greatest downfalls of the last few decades. So many people have stopped belonging to the community around them and now we are all our own little isolated islands of humanity. And humans are natural pack animals. We are at our best when we are surrounded by people we care about and whom care about us.

In a true community we wouldn't need things like government welfare programs because your neighbors would come forward and help you out if you were struggling, because that's what people do when they have strong sense of community. They help each other out fore if even one person in a community is suffering they all suffer because they all care about each other.

I crave so much to find a community I could call home. But I'm afraid there is no community of like minded people for me. Or maybe I've just been a loner for so long I'm afraid to find a place where I truly fit in. Would finding such a place mean everything up to that point had been a waste?

I'm not real sure what this post is suppose to convey but its what I felt like I had to say tonight.

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  1. I would have to say that that is also one of my biggest wants is to find that deep sense of community. I always look to those closest me. You are exactly right, though, that in the last few decades, that sense of community has been eroded.