Friday, July 31, 2009

Something philosophical maybe

Here is how I look at good and evil, which I personally don't think exist in the way that most people look at it. I don't think that the world is so much good vs. evil as people see it, but order vs. chaos. And I don't agree with the chaos equals evil and order equals good viewpoint that so many people seem to think of it as. Chaos is both good and evil, order is both good and evil, nature is capable of both good and evil, because honestly good and evil are human constructions and frames of mind. The way I see it perfect order existed before everything was created. Perfect order is the void, is vast nothingness. Everything is in its place when there is nothing and a non-place to put it. The Big Bang or God or whatever happened and BOOM!!! Chaos and STUFF went flying everywhere. Now the universe is stuck trying to sort out all this stuff and find a place for everything if there is ever going to be order, but once that happens everything is in its place and no longer moving. Once nothing is moving the whole universe is dead. Motion equals life, stillness equals death. Life is chaos.

But hey what do I know?

This comes from a conversation I had with a friend a few days ago. I've edited it for easier reading and cleaned up the grammar and spelling and language a bit to make it more friendly to the general public since I have yet to tell this hosting site to put up that little adult content warning that asks if you are 18 or not.

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