Thursday, July 30, 2009

OK so I had a boring night at work and just want to throw out a quick rant about stupid managers. The other day our boss, who is actually pretty cool told us that the 1st shift managers, in all there infinite stupidity, are complaining about our productivity being down. Now without going into all the details of recent changes at work let me just say that these same managers put into place a system of stockpiling passing products at certain stages of testing, and thus not moving them on to the next step just yet, thus making our productivity going down because not all the product is moving anymore. Add to this the fact that our production rate is down from what it used to be because customer demands are currently down. So just to clear everything up for people that actually have common sense, we have less product coming through the system and we are having to hold small amounts back at certain points (for no good reason mind you) and the stupid people in charge who should see all this because it was all their doing are complaining about our productivity being down. WE HAVE NO PRODUCTS TO WORK ON for half our shift most of the time, or if we do what is there we leave 3rd shift nothing to do. God I wish I worked at a company that didn't have an over abundance of worthless managers. End rant (for now).

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